All American Girl


Enjoy this second of the three interviews from the pages of Starlog #41 – this time with Dale Arden herself, the delightful Melody Anderson.

Quite a few revelations made here, not least that the famous football scene (or ‘Quarterback Stuntfight’) was Sam Jones idea and Melody improvised the cheerleading.  With ‘Go Flash Go’ being one of the chief contributors to the overall camp of the picture its amusing that Ms. Anderson thought the finished film needed more comedic moments.

The deleted ‘Green Spider’ scene mentioned is also fascinating as to date, no pictures or evidence of what must have been a massively complex and time-consuming makeup job have surfaced to date.

Finally, the clipping from the issue’s ‘Log Entries’ (bottom pic) regarding the sneak preview screening clearly celebrates the comedic aspects of the film, a reaction that would continually baffle producer Dino De Laurentiis given the apparently ‘straight’ adaptation of the source material…

Next up – An interview with Director Mike Hodges…


Klytus-001Tantalisingly close to achieving its total on Indiegogo – the producers of Life After Flash have added another titan from the cast to the upcoming 35th anniversary celebration with the rare appearance of veteran actor Peter Wyngarde.

The November 28th event is easily the most significant since the original release and certainly the most glamorous.  A black-tie screening in London’s BAFTA will be followed by a Q&A Session with the stars hosted by noted Flash historian and Bif Bang Pow! founder Jason Lenzi followed by an after-party where lucky fans can rub shoulders with the likes of Sam J. Jones, Ornella Muti (In her VERY FIRST UK APPEARANCE!) Melody Anderson and the newly-announced Peter Wyngarde.  Other notable guests include composer Howard Blake and Special Effects technician George Gibbs with more to be announced.

As if that wasn’t enough, fans will also be treated to the first ever exhibition in the UK of the Bob Lindenmayer original prop collection, featuring among others Sam Jones iconic costume.  Gifts from the show are an exclusive programme, lanyard, poster print and EXCLUSIVE Alex Ross print created especially for the show SIGNED by the cast –


The campaign has 48hrs to achieve its goal – don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to attend this unique celebration!  Buy your tickets here and now – Gordon’s Alive! will see you there!!


What better evidence could there be that the Flash revival is in full swing than a brand new game available for download now! (see sidebar).

This side-scrolling, endless runner is based fully on the movie and features great environments and sound effects but best of all is the inclusion of the original soundtrack by Queen – watch the gameplay vid below –

From the Apple Store –

“Gordon’s alive! And he needs your help to escape the evil clutches of Ming the Merciless… Put your reflexes to the test in an action-packed adventure based on the cult classic Flash Gordon. Rock-out while you adventure through Mongo to music from the original movie soundtrack by Queen.

Playing as either New York quarterback Flash Gordon or travel journalist Dale Arden, players must use skill and timing to progress through the many dangers of Mongo, and all that the evil Emperor Ming has to throw at you.

• 2 exciting modes of play – running and flying.
• 5 stunning, endless levels: Ming’s Palace, Skies of Mongo, Arborian Forests, Aerial Assault, and War Rocket Ajax.
• Play as Flash Gordon or Dale Arden
• Unlock each new level as you progress.
• Battle the enemies and obstacles Ming, Klytus and Kala send your way.
• Pickup power ups in-game that change the balance of play.
• Upgrade power-ups as you collect coins and rewards.
• Complete missions set by your accomplice, Princess Aura.
• Challenge your friends on Game Center and beat their records.
• Featuring 3 Queen songs from the original movie soundtrack.

From fighting through the treacherous Forests of Arboria, to flying high on a Rocket Cycle, Mongo is brought to life with a stunning visual style. Players can unlock new levels by changing powerups – each of which can be upgraded – add an additional injection of thrill and excitement to every play…”

screen520x924 (3)screen520x924 (1)screen520x924 (2)screen520x924 (4)

“A Very Special Event…”


Breaking news from the producers of the upcoming movie ‘Life After Flash’ – 

FLASH GORDON FANS….huge announcement!

Our 35th reunion will be happening 28th November, at BAFTA in London, UK. Tickets to be released soon.

Also on the day we will be holding a smaller, charity screening with a Q&A with Sam Jones and Melody Anderson to accommodate all budgets.

Get spreading the word….it’s going to be a great event! Guests announced soon.

Finally made official in considerable style (courtesy of Bob Lindenmeyer’s stunning poster art), the cult movie reunion event of 2015 is fast upcoming and promises to be the ultimate celebration for Flashfans.

Taking place at no less than BAFTA itself in Central London, with a Black tie screening and Q&A session as well as an opportunity to purchase an exclusive Alex Ross print, the 35th is an event not to be missed!!


The last word goes to Flash himself, Sam J. Jones, from his Facebook page –

“This is a very special event. It will be the first time in 35 years that I will be seeing some of my co-stars as well as crew. I’m excited guys..!

UPDATE: Tickets available here


“My name is Franchesco – And I love to draw…”


Award Winning creator of popular graphic novel ANARCHY and one of the foremost pin-up talents in the business, fan-favourite artist Franchesco! and Flash Gordon are a match made in pop-culture heaven.

GORDON’S ALIVE is proud to showcase the first of what will hopefully become a grand portfolio of works based on the movie leading to a permanent gallery on the site. With just one illustration Franchesco’s amazing dynamic style had already caught the attention of fans but would ultimately lead to an endorsement from Flash Gordon himself!  Franchesco shares his story with GORDON’S ALIVE below;

“Unfortunately, I missed the boat on seeing Flash Gordon in its original release. In spite of not having seen it, I was still very aware of of the Film, even more so, once I became a professional artist – Its a testament to just how strongly it has permeated our Popular Culture.

So a couple of months ago, I created the Flash Gordon image in conjunction of an event in the Midwest called Indy PopCon, where Sam Jones would be in attendance. I not only got to see Flash Gordon on the big screen for the first time, in one of the most beautiful, classic, and iconic Theaters – it looked like something straight out of a Norman Rockwell Painting – I got to see Flash Gordon, WITH Flash Gordon himself.



Sam could not have been more kind and gracious, as he and I were driving down to the theater in the same limo. Of course I didn’t need a ride, since I was already floating on air. It was one of those experiences I will never forget. Sam was gracious enough to take me under his wing, and invited me to create the Official Movie Poster for his Documentary LIFE AFTER FLASH as a direct result of that magical weekend!


I’ve met some amazing people as a result of that one image… yourself included, Martin. Thank you for saving every one of us just now. And by every one of us… I mean me..!”

More exclusives to come in future posts – go here to support Franchesco! and the future of the arts on Patreon.

Superheroes In Action!

DSC_3374Flash_Doll1-001Flash_Doll4-001Flash_Doll2-001Flash_Doll3-001DSC_3526A genuine piece of vintage collectable kitsch worthy of its source material, this European paper doll (released only in Spain) has cult status all its own.

A curiously non-superhero addition to the Super-Heroes en Accion range (comprising of Spider-Man, The Hulk, Thor, Captain America and Conan), the 8-piece cardboard kit (marketed by Producciones Internationales) was the only direct adaptation from the big-screen version of the character (featuring a Sam Jones likeness and wielding his iconic sword ) rather than its comic-book counterpart.

Sold boarded in a flimsy plastic bag with accompanying header card (top pic), this fragile kit was held together with small plastic plugs when assembled (bottom pic) and would maybe have survived 10 minutes of play by its intended audience, making this scarce mint example recently added to the collection of Gordon’s Alive all the more desirable over thirty years later.

For those fans feeling cheated by not having the opportunity of this awesomeness being part of their childhood, please go here for hi-res scans to print and build Flash for yourself…


image-0001image-0003image-0017image-0016image-0018image-0019image-0020GORDON’S ALIVE! is proud to present the first of what will become complete archive of features on Flash Gordon from the vintage pages of the phenomenal Starlog magazine.

Indispensable in its day for the genre fan and now fondly referred to as the Internet of its age, the ‘Magazine of the future’ would chronicle a pioneering age of Science Fiction in movies and television by way of compelling journalism complimented by exciting imagery.

Well established as of issue #41, the format shown above would change little over the years and the prospect of an all-new motion picture based on a beloved comic-book character/movie serial star was a hugely exciting prospect and more than worthy of the cover story (top pic).

The Starlog Interview with cocky young superstar-in-the-making Sam J. Jones is typically thorough coverage – providing a fascinating insight into the production of the film while pulling no punches with its inset summary of the infamous legal issues that would ultimately result in Sam’s performance being looped by another actor..

Coming Soon – A harmony with Melody…

Back In Bal Tog’s!


Released in the UK in a matter of days, the eagerly anticipated Ted2 promises to thrust Flash Gordon into the pop culture mainstream once more with another cameo appearance by Sam J. Jones in character.

An instant cult classic, the original Ted (2012) was the feature debut of Family Guy’s Seth McFarlane, who, having referenced Flash multiple times in animation finally got to bring his particular brand of humour to live action and consequently, a resurgence of nostalgic interest in the 1980 film.

Indeed, the appearance of Jones back in costume (and on his Rocket Cycle) over thirty years later was received so well by fans that his appearance in a sequel would not only be guaranteed but would also prompt discussion of a long-touted follow up to the original.

And so now, on offer (on a popular auction site) is this fresh from the set costume worn by Jones himself in the sequel.  Most interestingly in this lot is the still on the label (third pic) which clearly shows Sam against a backdrop of the Rocket Cycle prop in what looks suspiciously like a Comic-Con environment or similar.  One can only hope his part is expanded and he gets to see more action this time.

In terms of the costume itself, I have it on good authority that the current owner of the original 1980 tank supplied many reference pics for the wardrobe department to copy so quite why the final outfit for both the Ted films has such a cosplay edge to it is a mystery (considering all the effort made to accurately reproduce the Rocket Cycle). and its a credit to Sam how good he looks in cheap Superhero boots and Bal Tog dance pants.

Below are the details for the lot – apparently more pieces will be offered in future so don’t miss your opportunity to nab yourself a piece of Flash history..!

Sam Jones’s (Sam J. Jones) Screen Worn Wardrobe Set.

Change 4
Scene 122-124

Item: Flash Gordon Costume

This Costume Includes: A Sleeveless, Round-Neck Shirt, Spandex Pants, Belt & Slip-On Boots.

Brand: Not Available
Size: Approx. Large
Material: Appears Polyester
Color: Red, Black & Gold
Condition: Good
Notes: 1 of 3
Brand: Not Available
Size: 33 In Long
Material: Appears Polyester & Elastane
Color: Black, Gold & Red Stone
Condition: Good

Brand: Bal Togs
Size: X-Large
Material: Nylon & Lycra
Color: Black
Condition: Good
Notes: 1 of 2
Brand: Fun Tasma
Size: 12-13
Material: Leather
Color: Black
Condition: Good


DSC_3205 (2)DSC_3189DSC_3191 (2)DSC_3188 (2)DSC_3190 (3)Always dedicated to bringing you the best and most obscure collectibles from over thirty years worth of memorabilia, Gordon’s Alive is pleased to present an ideal example of the latter –

While you could be forgiven for thinking the colourful montage above is a bootleg poster of some kind, you might be surprised to learn you’re actually looking at the official vintage Flash Gordon single duvet cover.

Featuring unique and amazing art (likeness to Melody Anderson notwithstanding) this perfectly preserved cotton bedspread was a Camden Market find and was fairly expensive – indeed, Gordon’s Alive has not seen one before or since in decades of collecting which, one suspects would qualify it as a rarity.

Should anybody out there own the matching pillowcase I would of course like to hear form you but in the meantime, enjoy the pics and night night…

Big In Japan…

Flash_Jap1 Flash_Jap5Flash_Jap2Flash_Jap6Flash_Jap3Flash_Jap4Hurling their bodies out of the void and Earthbound once more, Flash Gordon & Dale Arden (aka Sam J. Jones and Melody Anderson) head on a promotional tour of the Far East.

Clearly enjoying themselves in Japan courtesy of Screen magazine (source of the majority of clippings reproduced above) in January of 1981, Sam & Melody attended a screening of the film and were interviewed at length about their exciting all-new sci-fi blockbuster.  Should anybody feel compelled to translate the text above in the comments below Gordon’s Alive would be eternally grateful…

Meanwhile, please take a moment to explore the Go Flash Go pages as brand-new content is being added constantly, be sure to catch The Flash Campaign for an exhaustive gallery of vintage posters and lobby cards..!