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 Gordon’s Alive! Welcomes you with open arms to 2017!!

This year is already shaping up to be a milestone for the Flashfan as the long-awaited documentary Life After Flash moves ever closer to release (after hitting its post-production target thanks to generous contribution from fans!) and Sam Jones himself maintains a busy schedule of personal appearances all over the world.

Meanwhile Chronicle Collectables are set to release a series of high-end collectables this year starting with the pre-order of the beautiful prop replica of War Rocket Ajax with the General Klytus Mask to follow along with an announcement of another iconic (and shiny!) prop also to see release sometime in 2017.

Here at Gordon’s Alive! the brief hiatus has been spent amassing more rare material to showcase while continually updating the features and galleries in the sidebar (new imagery is added constantly so keep checking back!).  We also finally take delivery of the definitive Rocket Cycle scale model with custom figure and will be adding a gallery to the Flying Blind feature to show it off.

So lets gets things started with this fun piece by George Khoury from the pages of UK Sc-Fi Magazine SFX from 2008 with striking images and great interviews (including a snippet from original director Nic Roeg..!) revealing, amongst other interesting insights that the famous ‘YEAH!’ jump into camera towards the end was improvised by none other than the leading man…


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  1. What a fantastic tribute site.

    I’ll be sure to give you a mention on our Facebook page.

    With Best Wishes from
    The Official Peter Wyngarde Appreciation Society

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