Now The Tributes…From SDCC…

Of course, representation doesn’t get much better than having the leading man show up for the event (take a bow, Mr. Jones) but at this years typically frenzied San Diego Comic-Con, our hero was supported by an impressive range of upcoming collectables –Screenshot_20160724-155809


First and foremost Sam was the guest of honour at artist extraordinaire Alex Ross booth, where the newly unveiled very limited-edition print above should already be familiar to anyone lucky enough to attend the 35th anniversary celebrations.  Though handsomely presented in a frame, those who already own the much larger poster signed by many of the cast besides Ross himself should be feeling especially pleased with themselves.  Meanwhile, over at the ever expanding Chronicle Collectables stand –

Sam Bob



An ever-in-demand Sam Jones once again teams up with ultra-Flashfan and friend of Gordon’s Alive Bob Lindenmeyer to shake hands on a job extremely well-done as the gleaming finished prototype War Rocket Ajax shines its way to an upcoming pre-order accompanied by the flawless replica of the Klytus mask/hood.  In the interview above Sam makes more than one mention of action figures –  however none so far have been unveiled at the show and the last series from Bif Bang Pow is a couple of years old now –

Which leads us to believe, alongside Chronicles talk on Facebook of Flash Gordon ‘Signature Editions’ that an all-new 1/6 line is a possibility?  Was it fresh on Sam’s mind as he’d just cut the deal?  Time will tell.

Speaking of figures, nobody saw this SDCC exclusive coming –

FG Dorbz

But Funko have done it again with this charming double-pack of vinyl ‘Dorbz’ available only at their booth – chances are they’ve gone already and while we’re on the subject of rarities they don’t get much better than these –

Flash Jacket

Hawkman Helm

With Propstore’s astonishing acquisitions of original costume pieces on display at their booth in advance of upcoming auctions.  The breathtaking Flash Gordon Mongo Officer Jacket in red leather with gold beading has not been seen since its sale at online auction some years ago so its appearance here alone is a rare sight and with a guide price of £5 – 7K its sure to be snapped up and disappear into obscurity again.

The Hawkman helmet is another splendidly preserved artefact as most surviving examples are missing the fragile ‘barrel’ moulding on the top.  Another modest estimate is sure to make this the centre of another Flashfan’s collection.

So all in all, not a bad show for the Flash enthusiast with the potential of more to come…!!


Als Comic..!


Faithfully adapted by Bruce Jones and supported by amazing art by award-winning Al Williamson, the Flash Gordon comic of the movie would appear in various guises all over the world.  Arguably most common Stateside was the softcover album by Western Publishing on newsstands as the film hit theatres – Hardcovers were to follow as the release travelled across the pond to the UK and beyond.  The adaptation would last be seen across three issues of the Whitman comic book…




While most of these publications would feature a cluttered cover of movie stills combined with splash panels, the German release (above) utilised the poster artwork by Renato Casaro to much greater effect.  Beneath it lay a black & white filmreel of stills to introduce the characters before launching into the standard reprint.  The quality of these could never be described as more than adequate (with many pages misprinted to the point of illegibility) but the artwork still shines.  Williamson would later say about drawing Flash –

 “I was paying homage to Alex [Raymond], you know. I tried to treat his creation with respect and dignity and tried to do it to the best of my ability. I find that other artists who have done Flash Gordon just don’t seem to get the feeling of the strip, you know. Flash is a noble guy and it’s kind of nice to have that kind of a hero…”






“My name is Franchesco – And I love to draw…”


Award Winning creator of popular graphic novel ANARCHY and one of the foremost pin-up talents in the business, fan-favourite artist Franchesco! and Flash Gordon are a match made in pop-culture heaven –

GORDON’S ALIVE is proud to showcase the first of what will hopefully become a grand portfolio of works based on the movie leading to a permanent gallery on the site. With just one illustration Franchesco’s amazing dynamic style had already caught the attention of fans but would ultimately lead to an endorsement from Flash Gordon himself!  Franchesco shares his story with GORDON’S ALIVE below;

“Unfortunately, I missed the boat on seeing Flash Gordon in its original release. In spite of not having seen it, I was still very aware of of the Film, even more so, once I became a professional artist – Its a testament to just how strongly it has permeated our Popular Culture.

So a couple of months ago, I created the Flash Gordon image in conjunction of an event in the Midwest called Indy PopCon, where Sam Jones would be in attendance. I not only got to see Flash Gordon on the big screen for the first time, in one of the most beautiful, classic, and iconic Theaters – it looked like something straight out of a Norman Rockwell Painting – I got to see Flash Gordon, WITH Flash Gordon himself – 



Sam could not have been more kind and gracious, as he and I were driving down to the theater in the same limo. Of course I didn’t need a ride, since I was already floating on air. It was one of those experiences I will never forget. Sam was gracious enough to take me under his wing, and invited me to create the Official Movie Poster for his Documentary LIFE AFTER FLASH as a direct result of that magical weekend!



I’ve met some amazing people as a result of that one image… yourself included, Martin. Thank you for saving every one of us just now. And by every one of us… I mean me..!”

More exclusives to come in future posts – go here to support Franchesco! and the future of the arts on Patreon.