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T H E   F L A S H  G O R D O N

 W E E T A B I X  S P E C I A L  A T T R A C T I O N


In 1980, having already mounted many a successful promotion based on the boom in science-fiction properties generally thought of as kids fodder (including Dr. Who and Star Trek: The Motion Picture) UK breakfast cereal giant Weetabix would launch a considerable package to tie-in with Flash Gordon. 

Far from your average cereal premium, the Weetabix Flash Gordon package was a comprehensive one where even the inside of the box (below) could be utilized for activity.

In fact the set would eventually comprise of 18 picture cards, (measuring 90 mm x 42 mm), with a description of the scene on the reverse. Issued in strips of 3 or 6 depending on packet size, full-colour box graphics and the much sought-after mail offer album (measuring 150mm x 210mm) where the cards could be mounted to tell the story of the movie –

Full page ad from UK comic
Box Promotion
picture 319-001
Box Front
picture 320
Box Rear
Box Interior 1
Box Interior 2
Box Interior 3
The collection – Box, ad and full set of 18 cards with album

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