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Bob – what a pleasure to meet you in person at last and in such classy surroundings! But why are we here? What is there to celebrate about a 35-year old science-fiction film considered to be a flop Stateside?

It was so good to finally meet you in person! After being internet buddies for so long, strange when ya think about it!
We are here for the love, my friend. Flash fans are a family. Unlike being a Star Wars fan or Trekker we are on the fringes…together loving this film. That makes us, and it- special. Whenever you fell in love with the film, we all want to recapture that first feeling of being electrified by it. There’s no better way to do, than being in a room with a 100 people who all want to have that same thing. Our getting together for a gala event in London- or chatting details of the film over Facebook make us feel like that first Flash experience-because for us it was special.

We are lucky enough to be able to view a selection of your finest screen-used props this evening – what can you tell us about them and was it problematic getting a four-foot fibreglass sword across the pond? And what is this rare behind the scenes footage being screened as we speak?

Yes, the pond! What a nerve-wracking three weeks that was. Never put “sword” in the shipping description. Both ways it was an extra pile of forms and phone calls.
So back in 80 they made and never released “Making of Flash”. Interviews with cast and crew. All behind the scenes stuff. Its really great. A few collectors have copies on VHS tape. It’s been passed around a bit. I was surprised Lisa had a copy! I thought I was the only one around who still had it.


I must congratulate you on the incredible campaign you have mounted to support this event – your posters, VIP passes and especially the programme are instant collectables and some of the finest graphic art created for the movie to date. How and when were you approached to contribute and what inspired you to produce such striking material?

Thank you, much appreciated!
Well, again…I asked! Lisa Downs had the whole thing rolling already when I heard about it. In our chats about how I could help she mentioned a need for that stuff. I said…that’s what I do! Can I do it?! I sent here some of my works, and she said go for it.
The event poster, her direction was classy…a word not commonly used to describe Flash Gordon. Truly, instantly- that image popped into my head. I wanted something striking but also something in a visual language that only real Flash fans would get right way. So Ajax + Hawkmen + lightning bolt were the things that were on the top of my mind, when I think about FG.


Now that you are associated with Lisa (Show organiser) Downs what, if any contribution will you be making to the upcoming film ‘Life After Flash’? Have you been interviewed already and will you be creating new art for its release?

Lisa was so fantastic to work with on this. She is amazing. What she did, and the scale of it, was something I have never been able to do…and have tried. She’s Flash Fan #1 in my book. I am so excited about her film. I can’t wait to see it. I have offered to help, share, contribute on anything she needs for her film. She has it covered with or without me. So we will see!

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Programme front & Back covers.  All material copyright 2015 Bob Lindenmayer/Mobile Command LLC.

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It’s a glamorous and exciting evening but hardly your first rodeo with stars Sam and Melody. What are your impressions of them as people beyond the stardom? What insights can you give about their personal views on the phenomenon after all these years?

They are great people, they really enjoy each other and the fans. I think FG is a sweet spot as far as being in movies. I’m sure all wanted to be hugely famous and all that…but the flipside is they can have normal lives and have this super star status on their own terms. That’s my take anyway. Insights, I’m not sure I have any, really. I know they both loved what they were doing in Flash and wanted more…and didnt get it. That must be a bummer. They both seem good where they are these days, I think. A little Flash goes a long way.

You reunited the incomparable Peter Wyngarde with his Klytus mask this evening – something he’d not laid eyes for over three decades. A special moment to be sure but what did Peter have to say about it and how did you feel afterward?

That whole thing was a big surprise. Peter was not up for the crowds and was keeping to the back rooms, so I didn’t think I would be able to meet him. I saw his assistant walking around and introduced myself…as smoothly as possible saying “I have Klytus and he’s here-Let me know if you think Peter would be interested in seeing it.” After the screening, as you know, his assistant found me and said Peter would like to see his mask. I got to spend a few one-on-one moments with him and “his” mask. He tenderly said it was like seeing an old friend…it was really amazing.
You know, I love movie props, I feel like they are history. History that should be shared. I share my stuff with anybody who is interested. I never really considered what it may mean to the original actor who’s mask, prop, or costume I may now own. It felt kinda important and special.



What are your impressions of the British fans and how do they compare with those Stateside? What are the common denominators when it comes to appreciation of this film?

British fans are the best. The biggest difference is they are proud fans…not like in the US where its a dirty little secret you like Flash.
Common themes I hear all the time…Queen always first. Costumes. Queen. Weird sexual overtones. Bad special effects. Some of these are true, some are not.

Finally you were one of the privileged few who actually made it into the Green Room during the screening attended by all the stars. For those of us enjoying the film on the big screen what did we miss and what backstage gossip was there? Was anybody’s memories news to you?

What happens in the Greenroom….
Kidding, it was a crazy thing to witness. There were so many stories and cool things coming at me, so fast, I honestly spent most of my time panicking about how I wouldn’t remember all of them. Thankfully Lisa and her team, recorded 90% of what happened in there…so you’ll get to see it first hand at some point.
The best was Sam and Melody looking over the table at me and sharing an embarrassed smile every time Brian Blessed said something off color. There were a lot of exchanged smiles.

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Thank you Martin. You are keeping the dream alive..!