Faux Gold…


Flash Gordon’s (Sam J. Jones) Mongo Military Jacket, FLASH GORDON (1980)

Flash Gordon (played by Sam J. Jones) is the eponymous hero of Mike Hodges’ science fiction adventure. The film is remembered for its style, which includes the spectacular costumes. This particular item is the very distinctive red jacket that Flash wore when he was attempting to escape from the planet Mongo with Princess Aura. The jacket is a custom made piece in red leather with epaulettes and a wealth of beaded embellishments and gold braiding.

Auction Estimates: £5,000 – £7,000

Going under the gavel on September 27th as part of their latest Entertainment Memorabilia Auction taking place at the ODEON BFI IMAX in London’s Waterloo, this superb lot offered by Propstore is as stunning as it is unique.

Described as Flash Gordon’s ‘Mongo Military Jacket’ this splendid, intricate piece of design by Danilo Donati has somehow survived the test of time in pristine state and is easily the most significant item of costume offered from the film in some years.

Though Ming’s army is shown en masse wearing similar tunics brandishing similar bead applique’s, none are leather like the jacket liberated by Princess Aura to disguise Flash to aid his escape from Mongo.  Its appearance in the film may have been limited to a few scenes but it was used extensively for promo shots such as this –


Interestingly, the inscription in the collar reads ‘double’ so it is this was a backup jacket for Sam rather than a stuntman as scenes featuring this costume were light on action.  Regardless, between its iconic status and Propstore’s stellar reputation there will no doubt be plenty of interest in this lot so it will likely go beyond estimate…


Back In Bal Tog’s!


Released in the UK in a matter of days, the eagerly anticipated Ted2 promises to thrust Flash Gordon into the pop culture mainstream once more with another cameo appearance by Sam J. Jones in character.

An instant cult classic, the original Ted (2012) was the feature debut of Family Guy’s Seth McFarlane, who, having referenced Flash multiple times in animation finally got to bring his particular brand of humour to live action and consequently, a resurgence of nostalgic interest in the 1980 film.

Indeed, the appearance of Jones back in costume (and on his Rocket Cycle) over thirty years later was received so well by fans that his appearance in a sequel would not only be guaranteed but would also prompt discussion of a long-touted follow up to the original.

And so now, on offer (on a popular auction site) is this fresh from the set costume worn by Jones himself in the sequel.  Most interestingly in this lot is the still on the label (third pic) which clearly shows Sam against a backdrop of the Rocket Cycle prop in what looks suspiciously like a Comic-Con environment or similar.  One can only hope his part is expanded and he gets to see more action this time.

In terms of the costume itself, I have it on good authority that the current owner of the original 1980 tank supplied many reference pics for the wardrobe department to copy so quite why the final outfit for both the Ted films has such a cosplay edge to it is a mystery (considering all the effort made to accurately reproduce the Rocket Cycle). and its a credit to Sam how good he looks in cheap Superhero boots and Bal Tog dance pants.

Below are the details for the lot – apparently more pieces will be offered in future so don’t miss your opportunity to nab yourself a piece of Flash history..!

Sam Jones’s (Sam J. Jones) Screen Worn Wardrobe Set.

Change 4
Scene 122-124

Item: Flash Gordon Costume

This Costume Includes: A Sleeveless, Round-Neck Shirt, Spandex Pants, Belt & Slip-On Boots.

Brand: Not Available
Size: Approx. Large
Material: Appears Polyester
Color: Red, Black & Gold
Condition: Good
Notes: 1 of 3
Brand: Not Available
Size: 33 In Long
Material: Appears Polyester & Elastane
Color: Black, Gold & Red Stone
Condition: Good

Brand: Bal Togs
Size: X-Large
Material: Nylon & Lycra
Color: Black
Condition: Good
Notes: 1 of 2
Brand: Fun Tasma
Size: 12-13
Material: Leather
Color: Black
Condition: Good