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Always dedicated to bringing you the best and most obscure collectibles from over thirty years worth of memorabilia, Gordon’s Alive is pleased to present a perfect example of the latter –

While you could be forgiven for thinking the colourful montage above is a bootleg poster of some kind, you might be surprised to learn you’re actually looking at the bedcover from the official¬† Flash Gordon single duvet set.¬† Featuring unique and amazing art (likeness to Melody Anderson notwithstanding) this perfectly preserved cotton bedspread was a Camden Market find and was fairly expensive – indeed, Gordon’s Alive has not seen one before or since in decades of collecting which, one suspects. would qualify it as a rarity – especially in this outstanding condition.

Should anybody out there own the matching pillowcase I would of course like to hear from you but in the meantime, enjoy the pics and sleep tight…


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