All American Girl…





Enjoy this second of the three interviews from the pages of Starlog #41 – this time with Dale Arden herself, the delightful Melody Anderson.

Quite a few revelations made here, not least that the famous football scene (or ‘Quarterback Stuntfight’) was Sam Jones idea and Melody improvised the cheerleading.  With ‘Go Flash Go’ being one of the chief contributors to the alledged ‘camp’ of the picture its amusing that Ms. Anderson thought the finished film needed more comedic moments.

The deleted ‘Green Spider’ scene mentioned is also fascinating as no pictures or evidence of what must have been a massively complex and time-consuming makeup job have surfaced to date.

Finally, the clipping from the issue’s Log Entries (bottom pic) regarding the sneak preview screening clearly celebrates the comedic aspects of the film, a reaction that would continually baffle producer Dino De Laurentiis given the apparently ‘straight’ adaptation of the source material…

Next up – An interview with Director Mike Hodges…


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