What better evidence could there be that the Flash Gordon revival is in full swing than a brand new game available for download now! (see sidebar).  This side-scrolling, endless runner is based fully on the movie and features great environments and sound effects but best of all is the inclusion of the original soundtrack by Queen – watch the gameplay vid below –

From the Apple Store –

“Gordon’s alive! And he needs your help to escape the evil clutches of Ming the Merciless… Put your reflexes to the test in an action-packed adventure based on the cult classic Flash Gordon. Rock-out while you adventure through Mongo to music from the original movie soundtrack by Queen.

Playing as either New York quarterback Flash Gordon or travel journalist Dale Arden, players must use skill and timing to progress through the many dangers of Mongo, and all that the evil Emperor Ming has to throw at you.

• 2 exciting modes of play – running and flying.
• 5 stunning, endless levels: Ming’s Palace, Skies of Mongo, Arborian Forests, Aerial Assault, and War Rocket Ajax.
• Play as Flash Gordon or Dale Arden
• Unlock each new level as you progress.
• Battle the enemies and obstacles Ming, Klytus and Kala send your way.
• Pickup power ups in-game that change the balance of play.
• Upgrade power-ups as you collect coins and rewards.
• Complete missions set by your accomplice, Princess Aura.
• Challenge your friends on Game Center and beat their records.
• Featuring 3 Queen songs from the original movie soundtrack.

From fighting through the treacherous Forests of Arboria, to flying high on a Rocket Cycle, Mongo is brought to life with a stunning visual style. Players can unlock new levels by changing powerups – each of which can be upgraded – add an additional injection of thrill and excitement to every play…”


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