“Unadulterated Entertainment…”




Gordon’s Alive is pleased to present the penultimate pair of features exhumed from the pages of vintage Starlog magazine.  Issue #44 contained both articles reproduced above and below, starting with a very rare conversation with Director Mike Hodges.

Speaking candidly about the sheer scale of the production and difficulties with special effects, etc. the renowned British director compliments cast and crew and casually reveals he was original director Nic Roeg’s personal choice to helm the sequel rather than assuming control of the picture once Roeg departed.

Describing the $30 Million movie as ‘Unadulterated Entertainment’ and a literal translation of Alex Raymond’s ‘cartoon’, he admits the fallout between star and Producer could ultimately have an effect on the film, ironically eliminating the possibility of the sequel Hodges was touted for…





This fascinating and detailed interview with SFX Supremo’s Martin J. Bower and Bill Pearson is a great overview for anyone captivated by the highly-stylised designs and effects work showcased in Flash Gordon.

Though much of the talented British FX team’s work sadly never made it to the screen (the Fireball XL5 style Rocket and space graveyard the most tragic of omissions), their stories of superglue and rivets are arguably eclipsed by the revelation that the infamous Arborian tree stump beast is actually called The Emproygen…

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