DSC_3205 (2)DSC_3189DSC_3191 (2)DSC_3188 (2)DSC_3190 (3)Always dedicated to bringing you the best and most obscure collectibles from over thirty years worth of memorabilia, Gordon’s Alive is pleased to present an ideal example of the latter –

While you could be forgiven for thinking the colourful montage above is a bootleg poster of some kind, you might be surprised to learn you’re actually looking at the official vintage Flash Gordon single duvet cover.

Featuring unique and amazing art (likeness to Melody Anderson notwithstanding) this perfectly preserved cotton bedspread was a Camden Market find and was fairly expensive – indeed, Gordon’s Alive has not seen one before or since in decades of collecting which, one suspects would qualify it as a rarity.

Should anybody out there own the matching pillowcase I would of course like to hear form you but in the meantime, enjoy the pics and night night…

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