Superheroes In Action!






A genuine piece of vintage collectable kitsch worthy of its source material, this European paper doll (released only in Spain) has cult status all its own –

A curiously non-superhero addition to the Super-Heroes en Accion range (comprising of Spider-Man, The Hulk, Thor, Captain America and Conan The Barbarian), the 8-piece cardboard kit (marketed by Producciones Internationales) was the only direct adaptation from the big-screen version of the character (featuring a Sam Jones likeness and wielding his iconic sword ) rather than its comic-book counterpart.

Sold boarded in a flimsy plastic bag with accompanying header card (top pic), this fragile kit was held together with small plastic plugs when assembled (bottom pic) and would maybe have survived 10 minutes of play by its intended audience, making this scarce mint example recently added to the collection of Gordon’s Alive all the more desirable over thirty years later…



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