GORDON’S ALIVE! is proud to present the first of what will become complete archive of features on Flash Gordon from the vintage pages of the phenomenal Starlog magazine.

Indispensable in its day for the genre fan and now fondly referred to as the Internet of its age, the ‘Magazine of the future’ would chronicle a pioneering age of Science Fiction in movies and television by way of compelling journalism complimented by exciting imagery.

Well established as of issue #41, the format shown above would change little over the years and the prospect of an all-new motion picture based on a beloved comic-book character/movie serial star was a hugely exciting prospect and more than worthy of the cover story (top pic).

The Starlog Interview with cocky young superstar-in-the-making Sam J. Jones is typically thorough coverage – providing a fascinating insight into the production of the film while pulling no punches with its inset summary of the infamous legal issues that would ultimately result in Sam’s performance being looped by another actor..

Coming Soon – A harmony with Melody…


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